Our Specialties

Sports events statistics

  • Make the most of your data
  • Grow your sport with state-of-the-art technology
  • Statistics for all kind of sports
  • Certified, highly-capable and experienced staffState-of-the-art technology and software
  • Customized solutions for athletes, teams and managers
Target Audience

Live statistics and analysis

  • Involve your fans
  • Get access to new audiences globally
  • Grow your team and league, all through the power of live data
Notable Awards

HD Graphics

  • Engage your viewers/audience
  • Lyric graphic generator of ChyronHego is the world’s leading graphic creation and reproduction solution.
  • The Lyrics is designed with high-performance features which offer ease of use for the production staff, under any condition.
  • Customized graphics for any event and sport
  • Virtual graphics at the venue or in the studio
Our Specialties

TV Production

  • Complete TV production with OB-VAN
  • In accordance with UEFA broadcasting requirements in HD format
Target Audience


  • Modern and attractive websites
  • Mobile friendly UI (mobiles, tablets)
Notable Awards

Social Media

  • Social Media management
  • Profile creation
  • Connection and management of your organization’s social media